Thăm Tòa thánh Vatican – 10 Điều Sẽ GIÚP Đ You VỚI Vatican City


Hướng tới gặp Nhà nguyện Sistine của Đức giáo hoàng hoặc Michelangelo hay Phòng Raphael? Vâng đây là một vài điều có thể gây sốc cho một khách du lịch hoặc du lịch đến …


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  1. Lived in Germany (last time) for 5.5 years and our BEST vacation was our last; MLK weekend 2011 in Roma! Hardly any tourists, stayed in a hotel right on the corner of Vatican City (Residenza Risorgimento) and we totally lucked out on the weather (in the 60's+) most of the time. Hoping to be moving back to DE in the next 12 months so we can do more visits to this amazing city…ciao for now!…and thx Mark!

  2. I wish I could have enjoyed St Peters much more when I went up to the top of the dome. I didn’t realize how bad my claustrophobia was until I got to the winding stairs and had to sit down at a small window to get air on my face. It was a beautiful view at the top, but I wish I hadn’t had a panic attack in the middle of a cramped stairway.

    Rome is absolutely one of my favorite cities to visit though, and the Vatican was beyond gorgeous

  3. These are shocks? According to you, everything is a shock.

    It ought to be well known to everyone who goes travelling by now that you don't take pictures indoors. That's true just about everywhere because flash fades colours. If everyone took a picture, there soon wouldn't be any art in the Sistine Chapel to take pictures OF. Same for not touching things. Those aren't shocks, that's just people being ignorant.

  4. As a Catholic, I would absolutely love to come and see Vatican City one day. 🙂 I did go to Denver CO in 1993 for the Pope's visit, which is the closest I ever came to a sitting pontiff, but I honestly don't remember anything of his speech at the stadium that day because I'd spent most of the day being lost and was still frazzled.

  5. What shocked me was the amount of art stolen from other cultures on display in the vatican that have nothing to do with the catholic church. Also, they destroyed a lot of statues because they had penises showing.

  6. Who wants to see Mystery Babylon mother of all harlots and abominations of the Earth Rev 17 & 18 , and the antichrist..vicarius filii dei ( subsitute of the Son of God ) which he blasphemously calls him self. Come out of her Gods people Rev 18:4

  7. I went when I was 15, and I don't wish to be rude, but I was surprised that the Sistine Chapel ceiling was a disappointment. Just like he said, it was SO crowded, and hot, and people are sweating, and it's so high up that it was hard to see the kind of details you can see in the photos everyone has seen in books or online. BUT, I was AMAZED at the David statue. Photos can't impart how impressive the detail is, how lifelike, and the look on his face is captivating. Also, he's HUGE. And I thought I'd be embarrassed b/c of the nudity, but the whole trip, that wasn't even an issue. There's a level of art that's beyond physicality and becomes too beautiful to be embarrassed about.

  8. Just to add the point about dress code – women cannot have bare shoulders if they want to enter St Peters. My wife was turned away because of that and told to go buy a covering from one of the stalls then get back into the 4 hour long queue. The Blue Mosque in Istanbul has a similar restriction, but they were more friendly and actually provided shawls to cover with before entry.

  9. the statue of saint peter – if you touch his foot (the one that is already disappearing) you will return to rome some day.
    worked for me – i touched it as a child and came back as a young man. and it is common to touch that one statue. but only that one.

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