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  1. mmmmmm… i usually home-make my seasonal cup of hot chocolate, but we were super busy and didn't have the time this year. my mom actually picked me up a cup from dunkin donuts (knowing that i'm kinda picky if i buy my hot chocolate), and i'm pleasantly surprised! actually richer than mcdonalds hot chocolate. (btw, my FAVORITE cup is from caribou coffee if you need to buy it this year. we don't have a caribou near my family anymore! ?) my winter is right again! ?

  2. Ingrid, can you do a nut-free version of this? I always get a little frustrated when the dairy-alternative is almond-milk, because that's just swapping one allergen for another. As someone with asian heritage, I do have some issues with milk, so I often use soy milk, but I have an actual nut allergy. You're awesome. Thanks!

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