Cập nhật cuối tuần về Michael Cohen Raid – SNL


Các bản cập nhật vào cuối tuần của tờ Colin Jost và Michael Che đã giải quyết tin tức lớn nhất trong tuần, bao gồm FBI đột kích nhà, văn phòng và khách sạn của Michael …


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  1. ? “You can’t be a germaphobe if your out there raw dogging porn stars..” The hypocritical, b.s. evangelists that gave trump a pass for this behavior must hate President Obama for being a loyal husband & great father. They also hate him for being Intelligent , Productive, Respected, loved by most of the World & Black.

  2. I'm glad you mentioned the " germopgobe" lie. I can't believe no one in the news has brought this up. A germophobe ( a real one like Howie Mandel) often wears surgical gloves when in public, does not shake hands or hug, would NEVER stick his tongue in random women's mouths, or even kids anyone in the cheek, wouldn't stick his hand down anyone's pants, wouldn't have unprotected sex. This is so easily proven a HOLD FACE LIE, I wish they would call him out on it!

  3. Shouldn't client-attorney "secret talks" be precisely that: S E C R E T?
    The Michael Dean Cohen raid: What if the FBI had raided William Moses Kunstler or Leonard Irving Weinglass?
    Notice how Cohen, Kunstler, and Weinglass are/were all NY Jews and all Democrats and all 1%ers.
    Why is the left so happy?

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