Cập nhật cuối tuần về việc bắt giữ của giáo viên Oklahoma – SNL


Cuối tuần cập nhật thông tin về những tin đồn lớn nhất của tuần, bao gồm một giáo viên Oklahoma bị bắt vì quan hệ tình dục với …


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  1. Colin and Michael have really come a long way. Five-odd years ago this segment was pretty stilted and awkward, but they've really developed some great chemistry and a performative looseness that makes even the mistakes fun to watch because the guys are clearly just enjoying themselves. Nice job, guys, and I look forward to more in the future.

  2. I would rather pay monthly to not have my private Facebook data sold without my permission but I don't even use FaceBook. That loser is ok with taking away your right to privacy. Once they see they can get away with this then more people will start invading your privacy until there's none left.

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