Effie Passero hát "Barracuda" bởi Heart – 24 người solo – American Idol 2018 trên ABC


Effie Passero hát "Barracuda" bởi Heart cho ca khúc "Top 24 Solo performance" trước khán giả trực tiếp và các thẩm phán Katy Perry, Luke Bryan và Lionel …


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  1. Voice is extremely powerful, I would probably only advise you to study Celine Dion. All that power does not need to be shown all the time. What sets a diva apart from other singers, is their voice and stage presence. Regular Singers have to really work it, shake the booty, do somersaults. Divas, walk around, extend their arms, and pull you into the great beyond. Candice Glover is a modern day diva, that is so underrated, and that's because to walk as a diva you have to embody it all the time with humility.

  2. what happened to the old days when the judges expected contestants to make the songs their own versus them trying to rehash a lesser talented version of the original songs? despite what Luke said, this version did not outdo the original by any means. she did not hit every note perfectly. there was nothing outstanding here.

  3. I think she did amazing. Her look is unique… I mean look what Katy Perry is wearing half the time!
    People don’t give this girl a lot of credit. They told her last time she needed a song choice to stand out… what better way than heart. Slay girl Slay! I love everything about you!

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