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Người sáng tạo (John Mulaney) của Switcheroo giải thích lý do tại sao anh ta quay trở lại chương trình, về một người cha (Beck Bennett) và con trai chuyển thân thể. #SNL …


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  1. So the mom is having sex with her husband but he is in their teenage son's body? Yep, that's pretty twisted. Would it have been "better" if she'd had sex with son in her adult husband's body? no, that's not better.

  2. epaulet (noun): an ornamental shoulder piece on an item of clothing, typically on the coat or jacket of a military uniform.
    patois (noun): the dialect of the common people of a region, differing in various respects from the standard language of the rest of the country.

  3. I think I saw one of dem nudie Flix had the same plot except the mom switched places with a cat and was aggressively licking milk out of a bowl that had something else in it that doesn't need to be mentioned
    It was very upsetting

  4. This guy has absolutely no idea how boring and uninteresting he is, all his voices are the same, the entire night he kept interrupting interesting ideas with his natural blandness, HIS CHARACTERS WEREN’T INTESTESTING, THE CHARACTERS AROUND HIM WERE, BUT HE KEPT BUTTING IN AND TRYING TO MAKE THE SKETCH ABOUT HIM and it’s like ITS NOT EVEN ABOUT YOU IT SHOULD BE ABOUT THIS OTHER CHARACTER AND WOOSFKKGKWKXKK sorry I just really hated this episode, except for the lobster thing and the wild wild country short, because John wasn’t featured exclusively.

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