Garrett Jacobs hát "Điều trị bạn tốt hơn" của Shawn Mendes – Top 24 Solos – American Idol 2018 trên ABC


Garrett Jacobs hát "Điều trị bạn tốt hơn" bởi Shawn Mendes trong buổi trình diễn 24 Người Solo hàng đầu của mình trước khán giả trực tiếp và các thẩm phán Katy Perry, Luke …


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  1. I never understand why people will go on these shows and stay right in a lane that's already occupied. You have to be an individual. The "heartthrob with a guitar" has been done a million times. Why choose a song that draws those comparisons, let alone perform it badly.

  2. A heartthrob singing Shawn Mendes, that's a new concept. Why don't they defy people's expectations and get him to sing, I don't know, a musical number or something. I don't mean to say that musicals are necessarily his thing, but any other song other than Shawn Mendes should be. There is already a Shawn Mendes. With a lot of these shows, I feel like they take the heartthrob of the show and make them sing Shawn Mendes so that they can be groomed to be another Shawn Mendes. I have nothing against Shawn Mendes, but I think that these completion shows should push the envelope in terms of song choice a little bit.

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