James Comey Claims President Trump Is Morally Unfit


James Corden looks at the news of the day, including James Comey saying Donald Trump is morally unfit to lead America and the President responding…


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  1. Oh, there's a shock! Wait… You mean the guy who started out his campaign by calling Mexicans rapists and drug dealers, spent years denying black people apartments, mocked a handicapped reporter, and keeps tweeting threats at another wannabe dictator who's even more insane than he is, that guy is morally unfit to hold the nuclear launch codes? Never would have guessed! Also, this is wxatly why I don't use makeup.

  2. yes you look like the kinda guy who needs hookers… exact joke Fallon made before him. why does he even talk about American politics… he could set him self apart if he filled us in on whats going on in his hometown. we already hear this shit from every other talk show host.

  3. I wonder why USA government didn’t take any action against James Corden as he spreads hatred or even making stupid jokes against the President of USA? Are there any laws or bills that allow medias to insult their or others President ?

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