Lên Helly Aa | Quần đảo Shetland của Scotland


Up Helly Aa là lễ hội cháy lửa của Scotland ở quần đảo Shetland. Gần hơn Na Uy hơn Edinburgh, của địa phương ăn mặc như Vikings và đốt cháy …


29 Nhận xét

  1. Fantastic lads, really enjoyable video about my home Shetland.
    one of the best, the filming is perfect mixed with your enthusiasm while doing it .
    Being away from home this makes me miss it more but I watched this a real sense of pride like most Shetlanders would .
    A Da Best Lads & will subscribe now.

  2. i think it will be nice if you do a vedio about permission for photographing and vediographing on other lands and the permission and limitation on other lands,ieg;- is visa is need for mall country,is it need how to fix it..

  3. You guy's are awesome! love the comedie sketch. Alex your Scottish accent is actually " no bad ". Although watching you standing on the edge of the cliffs almost giving me a heart attack. Great video already shared to my family and friends. ?

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