The Voice 2018 Britton Buchanan – Live Playoffs: "Một số loại tuyệt vời"


Britton Buchanan hát bài "Some Kind of Wonderful" của Grand Funk trong các trận playoffs. »Tải ứng dụng Voice chính thức: …


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  1. Well, To be completely honest with you guys When Britton sang ''Some Kind Of Wonderful'' By Grand Funk Railroad's. Tonight during The live playoff Wow, I thought He did such A Great & Amazing Job. Because, I felt like I was watching one of His rock concert's & It was definitely Very Entertainment too. So, In other words Yay, Congratulations & I can't wait to see & Hear more performances By him next week.

  2. I swear im done with the voice next season, this was probably the worst playoffs of the show, only like 3 performances were actually on point and I know I’ve gone through at least 25 on YouTube. And then there’s only gonna be 12 that’s a lot of people gone. The voice sucks now.

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