The Voice 2018 Jackie Foster – Live Playoffs: "Không bao giờ Tear Us Apart"


Jackie Foster hát bài "Never Tear Us Apart" của INXS trong các trận playoffs trực tiếp. »Tải ứng dụng chính thức cho Voice chính thức:» …


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  1. I am basically that microphone stand. I fell because I was completely blow away from this performance! Sad she didn't go through today, but I will sure try and continue voting for her tomorrow. She deserves to be in top 12 :')

  2. FFS stop butchering the songs. When you warble so much you kill the groove, the song just becomes more about the contestant than the groove, and honouring the performance of someone else's song. When I see an actor on stage performing I want to see the actor become the role a la Heath Ledger becoming the Joker, rather Han see the actor simply portraying the role a la Kevin Spacey portraying Lex Luthor.. Cmon guys, I don't care how mechanically adept your range or lungs if you butcher the groove, seriously. And ffs why do you even have to be told to respect another artist's work? And as for the show itself, shame on you for letting it persist.

  3. Her vocal technique is stunning, every single note was well supported and clean. I personally didn't like the song choice but she rose to the challenge. At the end of the day however, she's on the wrong team; Alicia will sacrifice her. Don't know her background but I hope she'll consider theater; success is hers if she does.

  4. I luv Jackie but this song was so so wrong. This is NOT rock and def not soul. Most of the song choice was just gay and I have to think that was the horrible musical/band director, who STILL overpowers the vocalists, it's UNREAL they keep letting that happen.

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