Tiếng nói 2018 Kelsea Johnson – Live Playoffs: "Bạn biết tôi không tốt"


Kelsea Johnson hát "Bạn biết tôi không tốt" trong các trận đấu play-off trực tiếp. »Tải ứng dụng chính thức cho Voice chính thức: http: //bit.ly/TheVoiceOfficialApp …


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  1. She is one of my favs but I didn't like this rendition. Might be the arrangement but u could also tell she oversang and tried too hard to make it different. if she had sang it in the original style or less growl then would have worked for me but I love her so I hope she does well.

  2. Started really strong, beautiful tone and phrasing. Key change was a mistake, simply not her register. Created weak vibrato, strain, and pitchiness. This was a good song choice for her, but, in trying so hard to make it her own, she lost the original melody. Ultimately she ended loud, but not strong.

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