Alyssa Raghu & Banners "Yellow" của Coldplay – Top 24 Duets – American Idol 2018 trên ABC


Alyssa Raghu và Ban nhạc hát "Màu vàng" của Coldplay trong chương trình Top 24 All-Star Duets của họ trước khán giả trực tiếp và các thẩm phán Luke Bryan, …


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  1. i think it was just a bad song choice it didn't show off her chops at all …but she is young and very talented, and these judges have been way wrong before. Look at all the successful singers who never made the cut before her and are stars. and all the winners who have crashed and failed .it's about timing and the right songs and now she has exposure and experience .This chic is far from done……

  2. It's a shame . It's a shame that she sang that song because that's all good not do her justice she's a very talented girl and she deserves a better song troyce they should have never put him with her because it ruined her career she's a better singer in that song that they song that night

  3. You were our favorite. Not a good song choice. If she'd have gotten to sing any of the other songs the girls sang last night, she'd be through. Great voice, very appealing person and artist. Sometimes I think the new judges at Idol, who I like, go for voice and presentation, instead of appeal. But appeal wins the day. And this girl has both, just needs to get a bit older and more experienced. Good luck in the future. Still should have gotten into the Top 14.

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