Marcio Donaldson và Allen Stone hát "Chuyện gì xảy ra" – 24 bài hát hay nhất – American Idol 2018 trên ABC


Marcio Donaldson và Allen Stone hát "Có chuyện gì đang xảy ra" bởi Marvin Gaye trong chương trình Top 24 All-Star Duets trước khán giả trực tiếp và …


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  1. He's getting better but all the drama and crying has to stop. Man up and give us a show and sing. Stop the water works please. I honestly think he's a fraud and lying about his true self, but that's just my opinion! To many tears for me!!

  2. Even though Marcio is raising his drug addict sister's child, is he gay ? No meanness intended, i still think he's a great person with a beautiful giant and giving heart. I wish him very well in anything he do. ALL HAILS FROM THE MIDDLE EAST/NORWAY ???

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