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Chà! Thật là một cách để bắt đầu năm 2018! Revolve đã gửi Ben và tôi đến Phuket, Thái Lan tuyệt đẹp và chúng tôi đã có một vụ nổ. Tôi đã ăn rất nhiều đồ ăn Thái, đảo …


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  1. I feel like with every Revolve trip video i see i get more and more confused about the purpose of them. Like are you being flown there just to be a tourist in Thailand? And how does this benefit Revolve? Just curious, x

  2. I'm sooooo happy you & Ben touched on the elephant sanctuaries. I went to one in Chiang Mai last year and one in Phuket a couple weeks ago during my trip back. It's really heartbreaking to see their conditions just because some tourists want to ride elephants for pictures/fun. I'm so glad you guys used your platform to advocate for something like this! I've always looked up to you so thank you for spreading awareness!

  3. I’m happy to see you went over to Koh Khai Nai instead. That restaurant is so lovely and the owners are so welcoming. We visit multiple times throughout the year and it’s normally just our little group of 5 or 6 there with the whole island/restaurant to ourselves (we live to go in low season so less tourists). Phuket is truly wonderful, i wish you would have had the time to explore and experience the south of the island abit more as that’s where the real life of the island is 🙂 hope you come back one day!!

  4. thanks for bringing attention to the elephants. when i went to malaysia, i was the only 1 in my group who didn't want to pay money to see animals do "tricks" or to ride the elephants because i knew they were being used for labor and weren't living a good life. luckily, i convinced my group to skip that activity. elephants are amazing animals <3

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