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  1. Your videos are like artwork, they're really beautifully made! I get so inspired by your outfits and your positive mood. Like I feel all bubbly and happy afterwards, it's your personality and the coloring in your videos. Amazing Jenn!

  2. Congrats Jenn! Purchased your eye shadow palette a few weeks ago and love it. Pleasantly surprised by how well the colors work with darker skin tones. Un was the early favorite and trois has become my "go to" transition color. Great job and thanks for partnering with a company that strives to make affordable cosmetics for us girls on a budget!

  3. Hey all! If anyone who lives in LA wants to give me a bit of advice on places to go that are really unique to LA, not super expensive, and really cool I'd so appreciate it! I'm going on a trip there soon and I need some ideas! If there's any stuff that isn't super touristy that would be awesome too! 🙂

  4. Good luck with the new office! Does it have a window? Hope for a "tour" video someday.
    You are so busy!

    Enjoyed the video. You have strong work ethic.

    My dad used to say "if you wake up successful you haven't been sleeping".

  5. You have an amazing sense of style! I was wondering if you could make a video about finding the right fit for your clothes. I find cute pieces all the time and can never decide whether they would look better on me fitted or a little loose, and it always seems that when I get home I always want the opposite choice for that piece than what I made. I feel like this might be intuitive to some people with a very clearly defined sense of style, but I really like to cross over styles a lot and was wondering what your thoughts were on this issue! Thought you would like the idea for a video:)

  6. Would love a list of all the youtubers who appear here. I know a few but I'm looking for some more channels similar to Jens. Much appreciated id anyone knows. 🙂

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