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Sharane Calister và Christiana Danielle tìm hiểu xem một trong số họ đang chuyển sang Top 10. »Get The Voice Official App: …


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  1. In case people are wondering, these were the Itunes charts –



    Jackie F



    Jackie V




  2. Well To be completely honest with all of you guys Boo, Boo, It should of been Sharane That got The Instant saved Instead of Christiana. Because, Sharane deserve to be In The top 10. Because, I thought She did such Incredible & Unbelievable Job last night & Tonight When She sang ''If I Was A Boy???'' By Beyonce I thought again She did such Incredible & Unbelievable Job. Because, I felt like She sang Her heart out again tonight But the only thing I heard from Christiana performance last night was Karaoke & When She sang ''A Thousand Years'' By Christina Perry. Ugh, She sound like She was screaming not even singing. So, In other words Boo, Boo, America got It wrong tonight They got It So wrong. Well, Hopefully next week Christiana or One of The country singers will get Eliminated. Because, Either one of them deserve to get Eliminated. Because, Their not even That good. Because They Either sound Too boring, Too Sleepy, Like They always sound the same every time they performance, Too Karaoke, or Too much screaming sorry But It's the truth though!!! ????

  3. Also, while Brynn is obviously advancing because of popularity (no hate on her, I like her too, I just think there are better contenders), she's no match against Kyla. Even Team Alicia, beast as they are, will struggle against her. Kyla has monstrous talent lmao, she's crazy good. Also, I've been reading Jackie V is killing it, but honestly, that girl has never caught my attention. I don't even remember her battle or knockout, she just faded out for me

  4. I was CRUSHEDD when I saw Sharane was eliminated. I'm sorry, but that girl can SING! I've been stunned by her since day 1. Despite being super underrated, she lasted quite long and gave a fight. Also, I feel like her last two performances weren't nearly as weak as Brynn's last three. I like Brynn but I've been unimpressed with her since Playoffs (at one point, her vibrato started sounding like a goat bleating to me). No doubt Brynn has a powerful voice, but Sharane has control and a certain refinement in her singing that puts her miles ahead. I love Christiana too, but I didn't want Sharane to go.

  5. Newsflash, guys.

    Just because your favorites don't make it through doesn't mean that you get to bash the contestants who did.

    Most of the comments I've seen were full of people complaining about Brynn and Kaleb. Yeah, they were voted through. Deal with it.

    The only thing I care about is whoever doesn't suck. Most of them don't. The only ones I don't care for (but I'm not full on biased about them) are Jackie Verna and Kyla. Kaleb and Brynn aren't absolutely phenomenal people who could be the next Freddie Mercury or anything like that, but they don't suck. Until we get to the finale and the decision is absolutely crucial, them not sucking is all I care about.

    Now quit being a baby and take your bias down a few notches. You have no right to insult another artist, their coach, or their fans because your absolute favorite is gone. Grow up.

  6. First of all the opening performance of tonight’s show was literally so disturbing and inappropriate! I thought this was supposed to be a family friendly show! But anyway sharane was 100% robbed! Kaleb should of been that one to go home but no of course once again the boring generic country dude makes it through ??

  7. This is absolute BULL ? brynn and Kaleb should of been the ones in the bottom two! I mean seriously Christiana gives just ONE off performance one time and gets sent to the bottom two but brynn who in my personal opinion gave more than one horrible performance this season gets through??! yeah it's obviously because people overhype brynn way too much! People are so memorized by the fact that " SHE IS ONLY 15" ? that they want her to win! But you know damn well if she was 25 or older she wouldn't have made it this far! And sharane was truly the opposite of brynn.. sharane was just straight up underrated! But of course the one who truly has THE VOICE gets sent home yet again! It's always the generic country dudes and younger pretty people to get sent through and it's always the true stars with so much potential to get sent home

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