Thử-ON NGAY LẬP TỨC! Thời trang + Nhà thuốc trang điểm | Ingrid Nilsen


Đó là thời gian yêu thích của chúng tôi trong năm !! Tôi là một nửa của một podcast phụ nữ! http: // …


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  1. I always love watching your videos, especially the hauls, but it makes me a bit sad that a lot of the brands featured in this video are fast fashion companies. As a creator with a large and loyal fan base, you have the power to influence hundreds of thousands of people and their choices when it comes to ethical fashion. I hope you'll consider moving away from fast fashion and towards more responsible brands! Keep up your amazing content! <3

  2. Just a warning to girls who tend on the larger side, I've been into Aritzia several times at locations in multiple states and I've always had a bad experience as someone who just barely fits in their size range. I fit into clothes at stores like Zara and Ann Taylor but Aritzia sizes seem to run small. I also find it really off-putting that they don't have mirrors in the individual changing rooms and employees have made mean comments when I come out to look at myself in a garment. This is really nothing against Ingrid, I just want others to know that they may not have her same experience since she fits their size range and is well-known on YouTube.

  3. Every time I go into Aritzia I get bored because everything is so basic and expensive but my style is changing into a simpler style so I have to go back and see. I love all the pieces you got!

  4. Despite watching for years i find no error in her channel. Shes stil the same n posts regularly does not complain. It is so refreshing. Although i understand people change n want things outside YouTube but this girl has adapted so well that viewers don't feel left out.

  5. OMG you're SO beautiful, inside and out, Ingrid! This is my thought every time I watch one of your videos (and I've watched them for years now!). Just want you to know. I'm nobody to you, but I think you're such a good and kind person. I would love to have more people like you in this world. YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL, REMEMBER THAT!

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