Cập nhật cuối tuần kỷ niệm một năm điều tra của Robert Mueller – SNL


Cập nhật cuối tuần neo Colin Jost và Michael Che giải quyết các tin tức lớn nhất trong tuần, bao gồm cả một năm kỷ niệm bắt đầu của Robert …


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  1. don't you idiots understand that the news organizations are stringing you along, you will be disappointed to know that trump will never be impeached. wake up! 1 yr you morons, something would have been found, and he would have been impeached by now, get out of the echo chamber , you fucking idiots. wake up!

  2. Actually Hannity is not a journalist, doesn't even pretend to be, he even gleefully said on his own show that he's not a journalist, he's an entertainer. Don't give him any props for journalism that he knows nothing about. He's nothing more than an alt-right wing, talking head partisan hack D-bag that sucks trump's small "I have no problem down there, that I can tell you", as he calls it. 2 years in and Hannity's still calling breaking news on Hillary Clinton who's been out of the limelight all this time, but still "breaking news" for Fox News is anything that involves yammin' on about Hillary Clinton and/or Obama, and/or the "Deep state" of which there is none. When REAL ACTUAL breaking news occurs, like something actually happening that's news, Fox doesn't give it 10 seconds, instead talks about some high speed chase, or "Sex Crazed Panda bears" – I swear Tucker the F'er Carlson did a segment on Sex Crazed Panda Bears on the day of the Michael Cohen raids… and the lead in was about the Panda bears who love sex. This is News to Fox News.

  3. It is a Witch Hunt there's a lot of dumbasses that don't get it they're checking your minds off of the s*** that they're doing now and that's before Trump got in the office crooked Hillary all her little minions Mueller and Obama in the Iranian deal along with the rest of them they all made money and told y'all you dimwits to eat cake take off the blinders you dumbasses especially on SNL I remember when it used to be funny and they had all the greats on it now you got the sorry-ass individuals like Baldwin let's not forget what he called his daughter you guys seen that video If you haven't look up the news archives it's there and all the rest of these dumb actresses and movie stars and good Lord you guys even had a nasty ass porn star on your show that's how low you guys become that's why I don't watch you retarded show go get Eddie Murphy Bill Murray Dan Aykroyd and all the greats and become the show that you once were not some left-wing piece of shit

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