Gabby Barrett hát ca khúc đăng quang của cô "Rivers Deep" – Finale – American Idol 2018 trên ABC


Gabby Barrett hát bài hát đăng quang của cô "Rivers Deep" tại American Idol Finale trước một khán giả và Thẩm phán Luke Bryan, Katy Perry …


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  1. Forced, contrived yelling that lacks soul. Obnoxious singing, but she will probably win because America's current commercial taste in music lacks emotion and is all about forced high power singing. From a true musicians standpoint, Maddie connects with a more sensitive level and destroys this one.

  2. (Sandy from Munhall/West Mifflin) Did you notice that things changed since Gabby, Caleb, and Maddie performed their coronation songs LIVE on American Idol last night — Gabby leads now (Rivers Deep) has 160,000 AI views; Maddie (Going Going Gone) has 131,000 views; Caleb (Johnny Cash Heart) has 103,000 views. Gabby has had the most views! Gabby, you looked like a pro last night — as always. You're in it to win it! With love, prayers, and very best wishes to you sweet Gabby.

  3. Stop hating! Why so much hate, it’s sick. So so unnecessary, what a waste. Why hate on anyone?, it doesn’t help you, the one you’re hating on or anyone else. Just stop!

    If you like Maddie more than Gabby or vice versa, then go show your love n support to her instead of hating on the other.

    Gabby’s all performances are not perfect, neither are Maddie’s or Caleb’s. And of course these 3 are not every one’s personal top 3, but they r here because other people like them okay. That’s just how it is, accept that. And if you think AI is a shit show because your favorites got eliminated then DON’T watch it, no one’s forcing you. If you don’t like the show, don’t watch it. If you like one, show love & give creds’ to them, don’t go throw hate one the other.

    Hate is unnecessary and so not cool.

    Be kind to one another
    … OK Bye

  4. She has exceptional vocals but I really don't think she is using it in the right way. She obviously has the best range out of the other 2 but the way she is utilizing her range is making it sound pretty bad. To be honest I think she has one of the best voices on idol, but the key of the music, the color, and the way she articulates her voice is ruining it. She definitely has potential though.

  5. Really I don't know why, I feel she's a pretty good singer and very beautiful too. But she always gives me weird vibes.
    Maddie, on the other hand, always brings me the comfort and joy.
    Constantly every week I feel the same way about both of them.

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