Chỉ muốn chia sẻ một vlog ngắn từ chuyến thăm của chúng tôi đến Kansas! Aria đã nhìn thấy ngựa và tuyết lần đầu tiên và nó tràn đầy trái tim của chúng tôi để …


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  1. Hi Jen! I love watching Aria grow! Would love to hear how she’s doing and how it is parenting her. Congrats on your son, too!

    I wanted to ask, have you considered making more short videos (3 min) like this?

    I love following you especially as an Asian American mom. We have so little representation in the media and social media so thank you for opening up your family and life for the world to see. I love that Amy Schumer used your clip in her new movie and even showed it in the trailer!!! I know it was a big deal for you personally, but when I saw that, I was jumping up and down for what it meant for the Asian American community. I think companies and sponsors should recognize that we are not an invisible group and are actually an important target market!

    As a mom, it’s hard to find time (and energy) to sit through long videos even when I’m interested in your topics. Or I’ll start the video but have to stop in the middle to tend to my baby, eat leftovers, use the toilet, etc. Lol. (You get it, I bet!) And I almost never remember to come back to them. (I’m wondering, does Youtube provide you abandonment rate statistics?)

    Anyway, have you watched What’s Up Moms (WUM) videos on Youtube? I remember the founder (Elle) once said that she intentionally kept her videos short because she anticipated moms only had a few free minutes to watch. It’s so true.

    I’ve been following you for years and love your kindness and warmth. I love seeing Ben in your videos too. He’s such an introspective, sensitive, and thoughtful person. And Aria… it goes without saying, I love her! I watch ALL of Ben’s IG stories of her!

    You still have so many subscribers and I think you’re one of the few people with the talent, following, strength, and influence to showcase what it’s like to be an Asian American woman. I would love nothing more than to see someone like you succeed, and with your success, bring up other Asian American women, too. xoxo

  2. I know it’s super simple, but it’s so inspirational to see someone from my home state (and Asian like me too!) doing exciting things in an industry I’d like to be involved in! Haha. I just graduated from Kansas State and want to be a fashion and beauty journalist for a magazine. 🙂

    P.S. You have such a cute and beautiful family!

  3. Oh this was just the sweetest prettiest thing I've ever seen! First of all Aria, soooo cute. She's extra adorable when she's running lol. Second of all the shots and editing. Such a beautifully made video, great job on filming, putting together and editing! Loved this so much!

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