Bài phát biểu Yale của Hillary Clinton, Thỏa thuận của Obama với Netflix – Độc thoại


Độc thoại của Seth Meyers từ thứ Hai, ngày 21 tháng 5. »Theo dõi đêm khuya: http://bit.ly/LateNightSeth» Nhận thêm đêm khuya với Seth Meyers: …


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  1. officially… I saw officially in that tweet, or am I crazy. So he demands it now, but he will officially do it tomorrow. That has nothing to do with procrastination. There are probably real issues in the Whitehouse, but you can only seem to discuss stupid tweets. The bar must be really low for your job.

  2. Hillary said she wants to be the one who passes babies like footballs, to the moil, as the bapti$t minster.
    Obama and Trump and her all want to get people to pretend there's an actual afterlife.
    They do it for the prophet$. They will only ever see je$u$ or Mo on Netflix.

  3. Why any criticism to the Jew's are considered Anti-semitic in America ? What's soo special about the Jew's that they are above everybody else ? NO FREEDOM ON SPEECH that this country is proud of ?

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