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Đức Giám mục Michael Curry (Kenan Thompson) chia sẻ những gì nó giống như cung cấp một bài giảng tại lễ cưới của Hoàng tử Harry và Meghan Markle. #SNL # SNL43 Nhận …


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  1. Very funny, but much of the media is calling Curry, "a Chicago bishop," though Chicago is just his birthplace (I know SNL is not the place for news accuracy, and that's all good!). It's far more fun knowing he is the elected Presiding Bishop of the Episcopal Church in the US. This is not your father's PB!

  2. I’m very disappointed in this SNL skit. Rev. Curry is not the uneducated street thug person portrayed in this skit. It is pure racism to portray a well educated man like Michael Curry as some uneducated street thug. I was looking for some good humor and got slapped in the face with racism.

  3. Bruh he made that wedding about him, and he went on for too darn long lol !! Me and my mother were cringing the entire time he was on stage and we love the lord, but Pastor was getting his publicity!!! Idc idc ??

  4. Deni…l am a big supporter of Meghan..l know most of these people will find anything to hate on Meghan, even hating in the Bishop…The Bishop's message was on point! He was being true to who he is ..as his original back is as a Baptist preacher… However, l speak the truth! it is a time and a play for all thing….It message was true, and l am glad he spoke on it…..But it was too long, and redundant! He was Quoting people when it wasn't the place to do it! l knew he had good intentions…but he almost was out of order… The Bible says, let everything be done decent and in order…Those Royals have a soul and need Jesus too! And it was right for him to speak on love… because of the hate Meghan was getting only because she was black biracial…and he the Preacher was full…But he went too long, and almost defeated the purpose of his message,…But God bless his intent…. Nobody died! Meghan wanted her roots of her blackness represented of her…She said, her wedding will reflect where she came from…The Choir, The Preacher, the little black fellow…and her guesses..l saw quite few blacks in there. God bless Meghan, who showed the world, l am black! l grew up with these preachers and Choir!…

  5. Nothing original here. Kenan Thompson is the biggest Uncle Tom. He has spent his entire career making fun of black people and emulating In Living Color real comedians like David Alan Grier. Everybody laughs at an overweight Sambo shucking and jiving for massa… SMH

  6. ojdeaju….and your point is…..l guess you want to claim they are white too! it's negro's all over the world….The British slave trade went over to Africa and got those black slaves…I told about white British men seeking out them black African women, for sex, some was by choice and some by love…..That is where you got your first black biracial Queen Charlotte from… Meghan wasn't the first! Those Black Choir member are soulful over the world, nobody can actually be better than an American Southern Choir …The best Choir in the world is or use to be the Mississippi Mass Choir! Of America! When it comes to Choirs , Black Choirs in America got that! lol! Child Bye,! let it go! Meghan and Harry is Married! Duke and Duchess of Sussex! Old News! She won her haters lost! get a life! Give YouTube a break about The wedding of the Century!

  7. Of all of the traditionally black elements of the royal wedding, the preacher speaking too long was the blackest part of the whole thing.
    It wouldn't have been a gospel sermon without it. Bless God… sha tah, hey hey.

  8. Okay, it's good that I'm not the only one who thought the real Bishop talked WAY too long at the ceremony. Can't believe, though, how good SNL got the costume down! And so fast! Their people are really on the ball.

  9. IMO, that preacher almost ruined the wedding for me as if he was sent to sabotage it. There are so many educated, younger/hip, well spoken African-American preachers who would have kept it brief and did a much better job. Everything else in this wedding was moving, romantic, and beautiful. But that Bishop Curry guy, wow! My friends and I just laughed at him as he seemed to struggle to stay on some kind of message.

  10. SNL. He is not just a Bishop from Chicago. POOR research! He is the Bishop of the ENTIRE Episcopal Church of America. A predominantly WHITE denomination. He preaches to white people all the time, and is authentic to who he is. He is a BOSS! They elected him to head their entire church. Be funny, but do your research.

  11. That really is funny, but the writers missed the funnier stuff that PB Curry is from Buffalo and he graduated from Hobart College, which is whiter than the German Lutheran college I graduated from. Writers should have consulted some Episcopalians, who joke about the PB's hand movements and his sudden shifts between his references to popular culture and arcane theologians. I recall a sermon of his that went from AbFab to Clement of Alexandria.

  12. Kenan is great. Che, not so much. His constant not funny jokes about woe are we the blacks are so oppressed are really really old tired and not funny. Move on Che, you're time and "jokes" are done at SNL.

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