Chiếc Brynn Cartelli của Voice 2018 – Finale: "Skyfall"


Brynn Cartelli hát "Skyfall" của Adele trong đêm đầu tiên của đêm chung kết sống. »Tải ứng dụng chính thức của Voice: http: // …


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  1. A poor man's Addison Agen. I stopped watching this season because Brynn was the best on the show by a mile, but she sounded just like Addison, except she wasn't half as good. Last season set the bar way too high and this season brought the show back down to earth.

  2. Itunes Top Chart (Right now)
    Britton Buchanan
    #1  Where You Come From (The Voice Performance)
    #17  Good Lovin’ (The Voice Performance)

    Brynn Cartelli
    #2  Walk My Way (The Voice Performance)
    #12  Skyfall (The Voice Performance)

    Spensha Baker
    #4 Old Soul (The Voice Performance)
    #29 Merry Go ‘Round (The Voice

    Kyla Jade
    #7 The Last Tear (The Voice Performance)
    #20 With a Little Help From My Friends (The Voice Performance)

  3. Im not hating brinn but amber carrington in season 5 sang skyfall too and she did it way better than brinn. Amber went home in top 6 so I'll see unfair if brinn wins this season.

  4. Even if they do an amazing job, winning the voice doesn’t mean anything. Last season I was really hoping that Chloe Kohanski would become famous but just like all the other talented winners of the voice, she isn’t heard of. So winner or not I hope she becomes big.

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