James Corden giải thích về mặt hoàng hôn


James Corden recaps cuối tuần của mình tại London tại đám cưới Hoàng gia của Hoàng tử Harry và Meghan Markle và cách dị ứng hoa của mình gần như đã làm cho rất …


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  1. It was kinda beautiful…. Ya know… Apart from the fact people are dying on NHS waiting lists. Schools and libraries are being shut and the homeless people are ignored… No, actually, it was totally ugly for the insane amount of money spent.

  2. I’ve known him for 7 years he says. I’ve known guys from my gym for 20 years but I still wouldn’t invite them to my wedding. So how many times have you been out for a pint with him? Zero I suspect. He obviously does not have enough real mates of the right standing to be invited.

  3. He's on his ego trip yapping on about how wonderful he is that he's at a royal wedding … The Taxpayer in the UK pays for that wedding at a time when there are homeless people living on the streets … At a time when the NHS could do with the millions of Taxpayers' money as the NHS do more for ordinary people in the UK than the royal family … Oh yes there are some stupid people who say the royals bring a lot of money in the UK with tourism but they can't give one example of how the British people benefit from that money generated by tourism … James Corden says he was "proud to be British that day" … Yeah whatever … If the sad lump of a man feels proud to be British that day it's just his ego that he was at a royal wedding … The British taxpayer was paying for it and do they all feel proud to be British that day? No! They feel ripped off that the the Ginger Prince and his second rate actress with millions in the bank can't pay for their own fucking wedding … They think they British people should pay for it! They are both humanitarians … If they did care about humanity they would pay for it themselves and the Taxpayers' money that would pay for it would be given to the NHS who need it … I am just sorry it didn't piss down with rain that day seeing the Taxpayer is paying for that fucking wedding so James Corden can sit on the fat slob of his arse and feel proud and get his ego inflated even more.

  4. I want to know, what did you get them for a wedding gift and were you invited to the reception also? If you were invited to the reception did you ask the bride for a dance? No wait, did you get to dance with the grooms granny?

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