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Tôi cắt tóc! Đây là cách tôi đã tạo kiểu tóc ngắn của tôi gần đây. Tôi là một nửa của một podcast phụ nữ! Tập mới mỗi Thứ Ba!


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  1. Everyone is saying this is a repeat video, but it does have a slightly new technique as well as some affordable products from Target. This makes me want to cut my hair short again! I've straightened my hair for YEARS and should probably try some new ways to add body. Also YES I hate the flippy bits at the nape of my neck.

  2. I recently cut my hair to donate and had a hard time curling my hair the way I used to. I've been following this tutorial everyday for the past 2 weeks and I am truly OBSESSED!! Thank you so much for this amazing tutorial 🙂

  3. Okay so I have the same haircut as you and I'm thinking my decision was subliminally influenced by you cause I found your channel about a week before, and you're just incredibly cute. so yeah. gots to try this. I've been learning to use a curling wand, but I'll try this too.
    I think the one problem I have is my hair is really thick, and my hair does not want to hold the styles even at really high temperatures.

  4. you inspire me so much Ingrid! I recently cut my hair after seeing how beautiful and confident you look with your short hair and I keep getting compliments every day on my new short hair! Love you!!!!

  5. ok hey loyal nilsen fans im out here to test you bc im in a pinch! do u remember that video made a while back where she was talking about this scent she bought at hte supermarket or something and a guy walking past was like WOW it smells real nice and she was like is it this and he was like YES and then she bought it? could anyone tell me what video it was so i can find that scent lmao? thank you1

  6. OH. MY. GOD. your hair is EXACTLY like mine. I do the same exact thing with washing, not brushing and so on cause it creates the exact same results. That’s so insane. I also wait a few hours after I shower to sleep on it cause it creates the perfect waves in the morning

  7. How is your dandruff situation? Do all these products make it worse? I've struggled with such problem for years and I've tried to avoid using any hair styling products. Please advise.

  8. I’ve been doing this for so long!!! I started doing it like 4 years ago for a natural-looking crimped texture to my hair, and it takes no time at all!! You can go slower and twist the straightener more dramatically to make more crimpy-waves. ?

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