The Voice 2018 Kyla Jade và Blake Shelton – Finale: "Only Love"


Kyla Jade và Blake Shelton hát "Only Love" của Wynonna trong đêm đầu tiên của đêm chung kết sống. »Tải ứng dụng chính thức bằng giọng nói: …


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  1. Blake is a clueless idiot! Who knows music. Gwen truly destroyed him. I don't. Feel sorry for him at all. Blake is a tool! No wonder why Adam calls him an idiot. Another thing! He should never speak. We all become dumber. Listening to him.

  2. I just pray to God that she wins n what i love about her she owns every song that's given to her whether it's suits her or not,wish u all the best of luck girl cos u gat the voice n talent to me u are a superstar. job well done from the start to the end

  3. Itunes Top Chart(Right now)

    Britton Buchanan
    #1 Where You Come From (The Voice Performance)
    #17  Good Lovin’ (The Voice Performance)

    Brynn Cartelli
    #2 Walk My Way (The Voice Performance)
    #12 Skyfall (The Voice Performance)

    Spensha Baker
    #4 Old Soul (The Voice Performance)
    #29 Merry Go ‘Round (The Voice

    Kyla Jade
    #7  The Last Tear (The Voice Performance)
    #20 With a Little Help From My Friends (The Voice Performance)

  4. listen to live version Tanya tucker, then think of battle vs. Brynn Carteli would blow her off the stage! Spensha is a spiritual woman with talent. Who has the best range, tonal quality, pitch perfect, VOICE? BRYNN!! If the best stage performance wins, Britton PERFORMING the Rascals Good Lovin wins it.

  5. since Christiana and Jackie F didn't make it, all my support goes to you, Kyla!!! Avenge for them please?? AMERICA DO YOUR THING! I'M NOT SAYING THAT YOU SHOULD VOTE FOR KYLA BECAUSE SHE'S THE BEST PERFORMER BUT ACTUALLY, THAT'S WHAT I'M SAYING.

  6. Kyla is great at everything. Her range is out of this world! Honestly thought it was tougher for Blake… more so not a song suited to his wheelhouse, even though country.

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