The Voice 2018 Spensha Baker – Finale: "Old Soul"


Spensha Baker hát bài hát gốc "Old Soul" trong đêm đầu tiên của đêm chung kết sống. »Tải ứng dụng chính thức bằng giọng nói: …


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  1. This song was very good and I’m not a big country fan but I gotta say in my opinion brynns was the catchiest and brittons was the best overall in my opinion but in the end all of the originals were really good just some were better than others

  2. I think most people think that Spensha is the weakest of the final four contestants… but… singing songs like this one just dispels that notion… It really depends on what the American public sees as its cup of tea… All 4 (Kyla, Brynn, Spensha, Britton) are special in their own way but if Spensha sticks to this type of country lane / track, and with Blake's support, she'll be successful – win or lose. Her voice really lends itself to the song… All the best to all 4… Kudos go to Sam James, Marti Dodson & Kat Higgins who wrote "Old Soul". Great song.

  3. Spensha has the best original song out of everyone tonight especially since Kyla actually didn’t have an original song but used a Garth Brooks song and just changed the title and some words then called it her own. But either way this is a song that truly be on the radio & I can just see her performing this at the Grand Ole Opry. I already love it and can’t wait for more of her music if this is what we can expect from her in the future. Spensha has proven herself and shown America that she does truly deserve her own safe in country music today. She could make history and truly win this with this song alone.

  4. I mean, Spensha wasn’t my favourite in this competition (even though I really liked her), but I gotta SAYYY she improved so much, her voice is so soothing, and is the type of country I could listen to on a summer sunset after work or something ^^
    I really think this song is the best original we had this season. Really cool vibe, would like to see it succeed.

  5. Itunes Top Chart(Right now)
    Britton Buchanan
    #1 Where You Come From (The Voice Performance)
    #17  Good Lovin’ (The Voice Performance)

    Brynn Cartelli
    #2 Walk My Way (The Voice Performance)
    #12 Skyfall (The Voice Performance)

    Spensha Baker
    #4 Old Soul (The Voice Performance)
    #29 Merry Go ‘Round (The Voice

    Kyla Jade
    #7  The Last Tear (The Voice Performance)
    #20 With a Little Help From My Friends (The Voice Performance)

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