The Voice 2018 Spensha Baker và Blake Shelton – Finale: "Kể cho tôi nghe về nó"


Spensha Baker và Blake Shelton hát Tanya Tucker "Tell Me About It" trong đêm đầu tiên của đêm chung kết sống. »Tải ứng dụng chính thức bằng giọng nói: …


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  1. Love Spensha!
    Love her voice, her hair, her skin, her outfit.. The whole package. She sings really well with Blake. If that was me up there, Omg, I would be too nervous to sing with a real country superstar, as Blake Shelton is. I give Spensha real props to making it to the finale. Bravo, girl, bravo. You may not win but hell, you gave it all you got. Nothing to be ashamed of.

  2. Itunes Top Chart(Right now)

    Britton Buchanan
    #1 Where You Come From (The Voice Performance)
    #17  Good Lovin’ (The Voice Performance)

    Brynn Cartelli
    #2 Walk My Way (The Voice Performance)
    #12 Skyfall (The Voice Performance)

    Spensha Baker
    #4 Old Soul (The Voice Performance)
    #29 Merry Go ‘Round (The Voice

    Kyla Jade
    #7  The Last Tear (The Voice Performance)
    #20 With a Little Help From My Friends (The Voice Performance)

  3. I don’t know. Blake’s voice cuts and fits the style obviously. Spensha’s voice is too warm for this style, just not enough of a country sound, and she does want to sing country. Always been confused about this artist.

  4. All these people hating on Brynn, when all the Season14 finalists are just on the same level. Don't even mention Kyla's voice. Yes, she has a big voice and I love her, but she's not unique either. She's a powerhouse, but we already have a lot of powerhouse divas in the industry.

  5. Blake, you never cease to let anyone down in the finals for who you bring, for one of the longest running coaches (sorry Adam, your still great though even if you didn't get in the finals) and spensha proves she can be a great singer singing very soulful like songs mixed with a bit of a jingle or blues or jazz or country, she can rock them and still be very great, she's been a really great artist this season

  6. good ole Tanya Tucker tune … This was really cool … they did really good together and had a lot of fun .. very cool Spensha was Great on this and Blake got her going …he was outstanding

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