Zachary Quinto: Chúng tôi 'Foolhardy' để nghĩ rằng chúng tôi là những dạng sống thông minh duy nhất


Ngôi sao 'Boys in the Band' Zachary Quinto sẽ giải quyết những bí ẩn của vũ trụ trong vai trò lưu trữ từng bị Leonard Nimoy chiếm đóng trong 'In Search …


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  1. Tarantino directing a Star Trek movie is a worse idea than having your toddler drive you to work in the morning. I really hope this does not happen, as a lifelong Star Trek fan. Please stop disappointing us!

  2. I believe we're foolhardy to think we're intelligent enough to discern the manners in which other intelligent life may travel expanses of space.. or even to pick up on their forms of communication..

  3. personally i hope there is not more intelligent life in the universe because it would mean that for sure the great filter is ahead of us, and even tho tv wishes it otherwise it means that the gerat filter could be behind us and i prefer that to be the case.

  4. There is an old Calvin and Hobbes panel that closely resembles my opinion of intelligent extra terrestrials. Calvin and Hobbes are standing in front of a tree stump and Calvin tells Hobbes,"Sometimes I think the surest proof of intelligent life on other planets is that they don't come here." To get my opinion, chop off the "sometimes."

  5. Zachary❗️
    EXCELLENT Job As ?.
    & BTW,
    Put ALL Ur Trust & Faith
    With The Experiencers
    & NONE
    With The ‘Sign&Tests’
    Who Are ALL Playing
    With Advanced Tinker Toys
    Paid For By
    The Alien-Denying Aliens
    Who Live Underground
    As Deep-State-ers.
    See EQ_P
    For The Real Stuff
    & Bring All Ur Friends❗️

  6. I can tell you from my own experience that we are not alone in the galaxy. I can also tell you from my own experience that we are not intelligent. You see, I was once abducted. The aliens brought me up to their spaceship, held up for me to see a picture of Trump and said, "Really? This man? President? You made this man the most powerful man in the world? Sometimes, your civilization has demonstrated incredible feats of profundity and wisdom, but other times, you have brainfarts like this!"

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