Bí mật thiếu niên của chương trình Late: Thuốc Cheese


Stephen triệu hồi người say mê nội tâm của mình và cảnh báo người xem về một xu hướng mới chết người giữa những người trung niên: 'brieing', thực hành lấy MDMA …


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  1. Just so everyone knows, MDMA isn't even close to dangerous, atleast not compared to beer. Thought I'd let y'all know, because science rules and ignorance kills 🙂 Now where did I leave that 100% non-toxic LSD? 😀

    Not joking. Take the psychedelics, leave the canol, I mean beer.

  2. Cheesy…
    As a lactose intolerant, I have a very good understanding of the TRUE addicting properties of cheese, and a year of being cheese free is not sufficient to stop the cravings.
    I sigh.
    Believe it or not, Middle Age is EASY compared to what follows.

  3. I am wondering why when all the news about Trump and about his stupid actions against Iran this Steven decides to turn his head and look to the beautiful ocean ??!!! oh Steven your stupid Trump , will make a stupid war while you are in vacation !!
    Just know that we are watching you from Iran but still we can feel how you people of America are closing your eyes just at moment it should be open .
    You are funny and good comedian but we feel those feelings under neath that you are not that much bothered if Trump puts more weight on our people 's shoulders !!

  4. My therapist has pointed out to me a couple of times that you need a license to own a dog, but anybody can have children. I think "calling your kid to ask how to do drugs" might be one of the behaviors that lead him to have that realization.

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