"BREXIT" có nghĩa là gì đối với du khách Mỹ


Trực tiếp từ Ouro Preto, Brazil, chúng tôi thảo luận về các phân nhánh ngắn hạn và dài hạn của BREXIT cho khách du lịch Mỹ. 1. Weaker pound rẻ hơn …


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  1. Late last week, a constitutional challenge filed with Britain's High Court was successful in requiring the British House of Commons to vote on the government's request to trigger the EU's Article 50 before the government would get to trigger such an article to carry out Breitling. Barring a successful British government appeal to that country's Supreme Court, the requirement, for an Article 50 parliamentary vote, will stand. With many parliamentarians who wish for Britain to stay in the European Union, it's anybody's guess whether such a parliamentary vote will go the government's way in allowing the government to trigger Article 50. In the meantime, Britain is a member of the EU, albeit not a member of the Eurozone, Schengen Area or (unlike Poland, the Czech Republic or Hungary) among member states that are required to join the Eurozone or Schengen Area.

  2. Essentially things will bounce around but be more or less the same, money always changes.
    The UK uses GBP (Great British Pound, also known as sterling and other names too)

    Rail travel will get shocking expensive, this is due to the British inability to run trains properly.
    Flights will be unchanged, as they come under completely different rules and regulations that are not actually directly or even indirectly influenced by the EU, such as open skies is a CAA (Civil Aviaion Agreement) with the member states only that they all agreed with the CAA. Fuel prices however will change.

  3. I'm Italian and I'm going to work in England this summer (leaving next week) hope everything is going to be alright! I'm sorry for the Uk to exit EU but I'm happy that Euro currency is stronger than pound.. it will be cheaper for me to buy things…

  4. Welcome, I appreciate your videos and I am glad you are here. As many countries, we have issues, but still a wonderful and blessed place. Just check it out as much states as you can visit in order to see the good diversity we have. Enjoy your trip!

  5. sry, but even for EU tourist there won´t be any changes. Britain was not part of the Schengen region, so you had to show your passport even as a European. actually everybody has to show the passport when entering via a airport so nothing changes for tourists, right? (not talking about people going there for longer stays/work)

  6. I don't think Britain will suddenly impose tourist visa requirements on Westerners (at least for tourism). That said, the biggest impact of Brexit, at least with respect to citizens of any of the existing EU and EFTA states, could very well be that any EU or EFTA citizen, aside from a British citizen, may have to regularize his/her immigration status; same for British citizens who want to live in Iceland, Cyprus or a mainland EU/EFTA country.

  7. Before Britain officially leaves the EU, it'd be no doubt that the UK will be reforming its immigration laws. It wouldn't think it would affect tourism for Americans as much as it would affect people wanting working and studying in the UK, especially if you're an EU citizen, which would inevitably mean that EU members would have to apply for work and student visas if they want to stay in the UK long term. In short, the people who will most likely experience the most change in the UK's immigration reform would be EU citizens.

  8. Cool, thank you so much Mark for this informative video. Yeah, I'm actually happy that it would be a little cheaper in the short term. I'm going to try to visit London later this year, in October, to be exact. But if not, for sure around April 2017. So thanks again Mark, and enjoy the rest of your stay in Brazil!

  9. Mark, I always find your vlogs very educational and I'm glad I found your channel on a whim anyways thanks for letting all know about the BRITEXIT" I was a little worried… Cheers Mate
    ps. I hope you have a great time in Brazil

  10. Just left London. Some Londoner have begun shouting at forgeiners on public places like the metro. Saying things like "go back to your country"…I am Canadian and still got it….I have heard it from others too. I assume it will die down in a few weeks once the media is down running the story.

  11. I could not imagine not living in a non schengen country. I was in Latvia and walked to Estonia and bought Ice cream. But I had to show passport to buy ticket back to Helsinki.

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