Britton Buchanan và Ryan Adams của Voice 2018 – Finale: "Không có bạn"


Britton Buchanan và Ryan Adams hát "To Be Without You" trong đêm chung kết The Voice live. »Tải ứng dụng chính thức bằng giọng nói: …


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  1. I luv this kid man. I could care less if he won or went home weeks ago. I KNOW who he is now thats what is important. Brett Hunter didn't even win the battle round but his original music is amazing. This happens every season basically its all about reaching as many new fans as possible and this show is really one of the only things left to do that in music anymore in terms of wide spread exposure. God knows MTV showing MUSIC TELEVISION back in like 1999.

  2. Both have great tones, beautiful mix of vocals and they owned the area around the mic. The guitar jamming/ strumming was great and they looked as if they were band members. I'm proud of Britton for landing in 2nd place!

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