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Stephen lập luận rằng những gì còn thiếu trong sự lặp lại này của hành vi vượt quyền hành pháp Mỹ là sự phản kháng từ các ngành khác. Đăng ký để "The Late …


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  1. The Constitutional Crisis was a sitting President covertly spying on his Party’s opponent using FBI and NSA.

    No, not Nixon. Obama. Obnoxiously banana republic move from a Kenyan Manchurian Candidate.

  2. The only constitutional crisis we've had was when King Obama tried to omit the Constitution to sign decrees. The agreement with Iran was a presidential proclamation, not a US agreement voted upon by the Congress. If another investigation begins watch the liberal rats flee the country from prosecution.

  3. There was significant evidence that Russia was trying to help Donald trump win, which ended up being true. Sooooo the FBI investigates a hostile foreign power trying to influence our election and this is a scandal against trump somehow?

  4. This is just another Red herring and Obstruction thrown up by Trump and the Neo-Nazis who support him….The supposed "spy" was a University Professor who has worked for the DEFENSE DEPT since 2012….He has NEVER worked for the FBI or DOJ…nor was he EVER involved in the Trump campaign EXCEPT when Trump officials called him to ask HISTORICAL QUESTIONS about the Russians….Trump just wants to end the investigation before he's revealed to be a RUSSIAN TRAITOR!!!

  5. Oh man, that MAGA ski mask was the best! We're going to see the next rally of Nazis wearing those instead of khakis, they won't be able the resist the criminal element of it.

  6. Trump seems to be following Putin’s handbook on, “how to take over America and become King.” If anyone bothered reading about Putin, and his take over of Russia, they would see many similarities. Guess we do not care?

  7. The only one saying that is you Trump,I have not heard or read anyone else saying this.. Another try to get some heat off of him and the funny thing is (even more funny than Trump himself) is that his supporters,(most naive and ignorant people in the world) will believe him…

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