Gary Clark, Jr., Cade Foehner & Dennis Lorenzo hát "Bright Lights" – Finale – American Idol 2018


Gary Clark, Jr., Cade Foehner và Dennis Lorenzo biểu diễn "Bright Lights" trong American Idol Finale trước khán giả và Judges …


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  1. Its hard to believe just a few years ago I could see Gary at a club for basically free and now his career has blown up into a megastar. I still remember when he was getting his start people said you better catch him live while you can because it wont be long until hes a star.

  2. Meyn Dennis is so dynamic…It doesn't matter who sings with he kills it…he fits any genre…He's like a chameleon…I expected Cade to be good this right up his alley…But Dennis…Yet again you wowed me…Im ready to buy my tickets❤

  3. I wish Gary Clark Jr. had been more inclusive. I wanted more Cade. I wasn't a huge Catie Turner fan at all but I think her performance with Katy Perry was the best all night – by far. It was a true duet. Gary Clark Jr. barely acknowledged Cade & Dennis the whole time. I was so hoping Cade could do a true duet with someone – or a solo.

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