Jon Stewart: Trực tiếp từ dưới bàn của Stephen


Jon Stewart tham gia cùng với người chiến thắng của Omaze Rachel khi cô dành toàn bộ một tập phim dưới bàn của Stephen. Đăng ký kênh "The Late Show" TẠI ĐÂY: …


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  1. That hobo is only learning to live under the desk, send him to zazzu or something… since you are upset… look, Jon is the reason we don't worry about trump because he's on late night team and he's a Hue. Now that's diversity, the kinda Garfield styled LGTBQ Diversity Loving #DoTheDew stuff. Besides Obamas are going to rock Netflix… no wonder the dummy's thinking about killing (low rated) Netflix ratings already. Thems lose only when them and JC Van Damm is well taught by the Russians. Democrats are afraid what happens to the country and love of the country brings the best in everyone of us. That's the community news, Veda Purples have known for a long time, lived and cherished. If doesn't matter if tricksters come with a 1000 tricks you keep telling the (other) them… time will tell. And that how they know cause everyone knows "time is the ultimate truth-teller" right? BTW the Emmy was meant for Rachel the two bosoz couldn't come out as winning actors.

  2. sigh…and THIS is what they gave up 2 of the greatest comedy satire shows for? Sorry, but on its best day, this show doesn't touch Colbert's old show..let alone Daily Show with Stewey. Bring back 2015!

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