Lionel Richie và Top 10 biểu diễn "All Night Long" – Finale – American Idol 2018 trên ABC


Lionel Richie và American Idol Top 10 biểu diễn "All Night Long" trong American Idol Finale trước một khán giả trực tiếp trên American Idol …


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  1. the comeback season of american idol is extremely amazing!!! i really thought the previous season is the last. thanks to them for bringing it back and relive the spirit of american idol…. mabuhay from philippines

  2. I stopped watching American Idol long time ago after the show regressed with having nicki and mariah bickering at each and having that as a center of attention. This year have really been different and AMAZING

  3. Those backing vocals, supposedly from the Top 10, sounded like it was pre-recorded. There were no recognizable, individual voices blending in. A little too smooth to be real and live….

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