Luke Bryan & Gabby Barrett hát "Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset" và "Most People Are Good" – American Idol


Luke Bryan và Gabby Barrett hát hai ca khúc của Luke Bryan "Sunrise, Sunburn, Sunset" và "Most People Are Good" trong American Idol Finale trong …


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  1. She should have won. But this was not the first time the correct person did not win on AI. Adam Lambert 2nd, Chris Daughtry 4th, Jennifer Hudson 7th just to name a few. "Little Red Wagon" should have been replaced by any one of her high note songs.

  2. This was Rigged. Sunday's interviews with gabby and Caleb. The question asked was "What will you do if you loose? Then he the question ask to Maddie. What will you do if you win? I picked up on that and also he said. Quote you already won! Really then on Sunday they was hard on gabby and Caleb then said great job to Maddie. Wow now I know why she didn't care who won, because her and Caleb are a couple. So rigged! Catie is 10 times better than maddie! I hope y'all like the Kermit the frog album! That was a joke and won this ain't disney

  3. So glad Maddie did it on own and not having Luke and who ever else trying to make he the winner. I'am not saying she don't have a future in the music industry ,but i do believe Maddie is more real ,not only as a singer but also having the ability to write her music.

  4. I promoted this extrodenary young talent when Gabby was only 15 years old. I knew she's got super star Quality's my non-profit business NICKS_MUSIC_PROMO always has Gabby Barrett in our hearts. (A super star is born) still waiting on that Jingle Gabby ??.

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