Publix sẽ không làm bánh 'Summa Cum Laude'


Stephen bakes một điều trị cho Jacob, một người cao cấp đã trở thành nạn nhân của một tiệm bánh mà từ chối in 'summa cum laude' trên chiếc bánh tốt nghiệp của mình. Đăng ký…


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  1. One thing that I force myself to do, is think for myself. I deliberately abstain from reading certain material, so that I can formulate some hypothesis, or model for myself. When you are well versed in the basics, it becomes easy to build new ideas off of first principles. This is one of the reasons, I use 'basic metaphors', instead of deliberately looking for words any potential audience might not know (and thus, be impressed by). I do this intentionally, and for a good, purposeful reason: I am not trying to obfuscate the truth, but reveal it. Often, 'ego' gets in the way of most men, and I admit, even for me, it was hard to overcome my huge ego (which, is really just a defense mechanism).

    After all, we come to this life, dumb, and naked. We are born utterly defenseless; we are ill prepared to deal with life, without being taught how to. On top of that, we are born into a world of sharks, literally and figuratively. I have found that the most dangerous threats are those that arise, from my own species; thus, the metaphorical human sharks, of which I speak.

    The point being that, nobody is necessarily out there to help you. First, we have to overcome our own selfishness. It is rare, that the average person has moved beyond the, 'I got mine,' mentality, but it is real, and it is possible. If we felt encouraged instead of being constantly challenged by discouragement, that would go a long way. (Negative attention is absolutely abused. I mean, have you ever noticed on the Internet, how quickly and easily people will call you an idiot, yet fail to explain why?)

    Why, so often, do people to attack the messenger, and fail to address the message? The messenger is replaceable. The messenger dies all the time. The messenger is always in the process of evolution, like the ultimate game of Wack-a-Mole.

    Obviously, no decent person would focus on the messenger in lieu of the message. You can learn amazing things from stupid people. You can learn from anything.

    The point is that, as long as you are diligently focused on the effort, you can always 'reassemble' or rebuild from the pieces. We shouldn't be distracted by the temporal whims of our tragically short lives. We have much more coming, whether we like it or not.

    The best thing you can do for yourself, is to focus on the factors you can control. And, come to peace, with those you cannot. Each life is different, and thus, each person needs their own custom solution. And, it need not matter, necessarily, how or why, they find that solution, as long as we all come to the same conclusions. It matters little how fast we read the book of life, as long as we realize, that we are all going to end on the same page.

    In a way, I feel this process is inevitable. But, simultaneously, it wouldn't hurt to help it along. Think about all the time, we could be wasting in hell, instead of enjoying heaven?

    The situation is what you make of it. Some people make it a game, and some people make it work. I can tell you, for certain, that one leads to pleasure, and the other leads to pain. If it really is, all up to you, then why not get something good out of it?

    That's all well and good, but the problem, is that you are integral to the process. And yes, you do have to kind of 'make it up' as you go along. You have to have hope or faith, that you are heading in the right direction. That is why your intuition is so important, because you are an answer searching for the right question.

    There's nuance in that, which maybe lost on some people, but is critically important. It's the difference between doing, and being done.

    Think about it.

  2. The Publix story is really being….. Twisted out of proportion.

    The cake was ordered on-line and the on-line text entry box for the cake's design censored the word "cum" as being profane.

    The customer entered into the "notes" section of the order what she wanted on the cake, and the context for it. The cake was picked up by someone else (a friend or something) unfamiliar with the situation and didn't notice the mistake so that it could be corrected on-site.

    So, first of all, there was no true person-on-person interaction here, which is a big part of the problem.

    The second part of the problem is that whomever decorated the cake apparently didn't read the "notes" section of the order, call the customer to confirm what was wanted, or anything they just made the cake from the order, similarly the customer didn't call the store to confirm what she wanted and to make sure it was done right.

    There's plenty of blame to spread around here but it cannot all go to the store for the censorship, really the store should have read the entire order or been familiar enough with the latin phrase to put it on the cake.

  3. Those pesky algorithms. I was filling out a performance review at work using HR software. In writing about a teamwork achievement with a coworker named Dan, the software rejected my entry, informing me that “Dan” is “racially insensitive.” I had to look it up, and after finding out the reason, I think it’s a stretch. Nobody says that. Over-sensitivity and stupidity have gone too far.

  4. At my current place of employment/torment, we package Publix products and when we first did, I was pronouncing it 'Pu-blix', being unfamiliar with the grocery chain. Apparently, the one who made the decision to censor the cake didn't finish high school…

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