The Mole: Trump phiên bản hành chính


Mong muốn của Trump nhằm vạch trần một người cung cấp thông tin được cho là có liên quan đến chiến dịch của anh ta trông rất giống chương trình thực tế năm 2001 của Anderson Cooper. Đăng ký…


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  1. The situation is what you make of it. Some people make it a game, and some people make it work. I can tell you, for certain, that one leads to pleasure, and the other leads to pain. If it really is, all up to you, then why not get something good out of it?

    That's all well and good, but the problem, is that you are integral to the process. And yes, you do have to kind of 'make it up' as you go along. You have to have hope or faith, that you are heading in the right direction. That is why your intuition is so important, because you are an answer searching for the right question.

    There's nuance in that, which maybe lost on some people, but is critically important. It's the difference between doing, and being done.

    Think about it.

  2. Im just waiting for the day one of these fools gets called to court by muller and then proceed to lead the local P.D. on a high speed chase while fox covers a hannity special of him barricaded in the studio taking hostages. (Just for fucks sake i called it 1st though!)

  3. Considering how Eric obviously is the some-thing that resulted from an accidental intercourse between a rat and a vampire,
    I'm not sure I entirely trust the 'Warm Body' claim made here.

  4. Nixon went down because the GOP Republicans in 1974 had morals. Now we have the (Banana) Republicans hiding behind Fox News. Trump is here to stay fellas. Probably for two terms. Learn to put up with this until January 2025.

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