The Voice 2018 Britton Buchanan – Finale: "Nơi bạn đến từ"


Britton Buchanan hát bài hát gốc "Where You Come From" trong đêm đầu tiên của đêm chung kết sống. »Tải ứng dụng chính thức bằng giọng nói: …


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  1. Well To be completely honest with all of you guys When Britton sang His Original Song Choice ''Where You Come From'' OMG, Once again I thought He did such Incredible & Unbelievable Job. Because, Again I felt like He was singing from the heart, It was Beautiful & I knew He could sing But I didn't realize He was song writer too Until last night. Well, I really hope He wins tonight He deserve It. Because He Is So good, He Is perfect pitch, He got good stage presences, & He Is So Entertainment & If He does win??? I would say Kyla. Because, She also Entertainment too!!!

  2. Some of you may not get it now.. but you will. This man needs to do a Duet with 'Birdy". Next to her, he's the first person I have witnessed to emotionally connect to music in a resonance that affects all who hear it.

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