The Voice 2018 – Britton Buchanan: "Nơi bạn đến từ" (Trình bày bởi Toyota Music)


Britton Buchanan nói về việc viết bài hát gốc của mình "Where You Come From", được trình bày bởi Toyota Music. »Tải ứng dụng chính thức bằng giọng nói: …


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  1. Yo, I just listen Britton other song he just did tonight. He set that place on fire. Yo, this kid needs to win. We got to vote for this kid. He needs to win the voice. Yo, we got to make this happen for this kid. He is off the hook he crushed that song. I was speechless. Omg. He is an original!!!

  2. America this is it please ….. vote Britton . Gosh This guys voice is very rich and stage performance always on point . Please it’s the voice and lets be part of making this young guy a star !!!

  3. He wrote his own song? This just shows that he has a true passion for singing and EVERY word is coming from his heart. VOTE FOR BRITTON BUCHANAN! If anyone deserves to win season 14 of the voice, it is him.
    Vote as many times as you can (just make a whole bunch of emails) AND BUY HIS SONG ON ITUNES! Let's take him to the top so he can be crowned winner!!

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