The Voice 2018 – Brynn Cartelli: "Đi theo con đường của tôi" (Trình bày bởi Toyota Music)


Brynn Cartelli nói về điều khiến cô thích thú nhất về bài hát gốc "Walk My Way" của Toyota Music. »Tải ứng dụng chính thức bằng giọng nói: …


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  1. She is very talented, but giving her age i dont think she should win.  I think The Voice should present a platform to "mature" ( i don´ t mean by age necessarily) artists who exactly know who they are and who can take advantage of this competition right away… Her age might be an obstacle…

  2. I know that Brynn Cartelli is gonna win for a fact. Yall are making poor life choices if you gave this a thumbs down, cause it deserves a billion likes. Brynn is the best singer in this entire competition and deserves to win.

  3. I'm usually not a hater AT ALL! But I would be pissed if this blonde chick wins over powerhouse Kyla, who is delivering with heart and soul!!! America just get it right once!

  4. She’s good don’t get me wrong but I think people just use the age card on her way too much! This show shouldn’t be about looks and how young the contestants are it should be about if you have originality, stage presence and THE VOICE! Like I said brynn is good but I guarantee you if brynn was 20 or older and looked average she would not make it this far! Just stating my opinion

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