The Voice 2018 – Nhà vô địch giọng nói mùa 14 là …


Xem ai đã giành phần 14 của The Voice. »Nhận ứng dụng chính thức của Voice:» Đăng ký để biết thêm: …


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  1. EVERYBODY GIVING HATE. BRYNN GOT THE MOST VOTES. Y’all saw her iTunes rankings.. so it doesn’t matter. Kyla didn’t make any songs to top 10 but Brynn had 2 songs. And honestly Kyla just screams way too much

  2. Hi, my name is Darrell Petty, and i am 71 years old, and i just auditioned for the voice 2018, in Houston, Texas, but sadly they didn't pick me. If you get a chance, listen and tell me what you think, and if i should try again, and thank you so much for your nice comments, and maybe someone important on the voice might just invite me back. Its not like it use to be

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