Vanessa Bayer có Donald Trump để làm một phác thảo sao khiêu dâm trong năm 2015


Lâu trước khi Stormy Daniels là một tên hộ gia đình, ngôi sao 'Ibiza' Vanessa Bayer đã thuyết phục ứng cử viên Donald Trump sau đó để làm một bản phác thảo, trong đó cô và …


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  1. Wow. t'rump doing an SNL skit about pornstars before the Stormy business came out is like Bill Clinton doing an affair with an intern skit before the Monica thing came out. That takes some balls!

  2. I hate being oetty, but will all her money…can't she get her overbite fixed? It's one thing if you are so poor you are himeless, but take care of your teeth for Christ sake! I'm a veteran living off disability insurance not 1000.00 a month, but I save money four times a year ( eat less those months) to have my teeth cleaned and checked. It annoys me when rich people have jacked up teeth, rotten teeth, missing teeth, are obese ( not due to medical reasons) acne covering their face, etc. They have the money to have nutritionists, chefs, dentists, doctors, etc. No excuses.

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  4. As a Spaniard, if you're speaking English, pronounce "Ibiza" however you want! (In Spain we already say it with either a "th" or a "s" sound depending on the dialect and to be honest it doesn't matter)

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