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Rất nhiều người đang nói về Drunk Elephant! Đây là suy nghĩ của tôi về những gì tôi đã sử dụng … Video này KHÔNG được tài trợ! ———- Các video khác …


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  1. Talking about the eyecream issue, your skin sounds similar to mine sensitivity-wise as mine can't handle high strength vitamin C products sometimes, and also your skin is much more sensitive to it when it has just been wet. Vitamin C is meant to tingle a little but not burn badly. I actually have a bad reaction if I use it too often and my skin turns to a sandpaper texture. So many factors can also make my skin feel more sensitised any given day like being in too much heating in winter especially.

  2. I have HUGE sensitivities. I was so fearful of using chemical exfoliators. I haven't tried the Drunk Elephant one because MY HOLY GRAIL EXFOLLIANT IS Dermalogica Gentle Cream Exfoliant. IT WORKS.

  3. I only tried two products from Drunk Elephant. The Drunk Elephant Umbra Sheer Physical Defense Sunscreen is all hype. I think it is too expensive, and didn't like the formulation. It was horrible. It balled up on my skin and rubbed off like eraser rubbings. I still got sunburned underneath. Perhaps I got a bad batch? I wouldn't recommend it. The LaLa Retro Whipped Cream was okay. It moisturized well, but feels too heavy for Spring and Summer.

  4. Honestly this makes me feel better because I had the highest of hopes for DE and I haven't seen much change in my skin 🙁 I thought I was crazy since so many people rave about it! But hey I guess not every persons skin will love it

  5. I love C Firma it’s so good and it lives up to its claims. I’m one my second bottle. I do keep mine in the refrigerator ( not that you really have to). I love this brand, I have about seven of their products that I use daily I guess you can say that I have fallen #drunkinlove

  6. I have a really similar skin type to you but I’m less sensitive. I have really loved the C-Firma serum. It has definitely helped with my hyper pigmentation and I always use a sunscreen with it. I would definitely recommend trying it, especially since you have hyper pigmentation. Also as far as the smell goes it lingers for a little bit for me but definitely doesn’t last all day. Update us on what you think of it!

  7. The Vitamin C is the best on the market. But I also love the Marula oil too. I also have combo oily skin. The marula oil is good after using exfoliating products such as the baby facial, the glycolic, or retinol products. By the way, I haven't noticed any lingering smell. I also had an issue with the pump on the baby facial. A ton of product is left in the container after the pump goes/went out.

  8. The Vit C serum is their best product. I defected from skinceuticals because they have a dark colored bottle dropper style, but DE has the air tight container. Vit C oxidizes quickly but not with DE. Skinceuticals smells like weiners. I’ve torn apart the DE container to capture any left over product, but nope that pump container gets out every last drop!

  9. I use both the gylcolic serum & the vitamin c serum. I luv both of these products especially for texture problems,sun damage & overall giving your skin a glow. The vitamin c serum definitely smells, I use this only at night on every third night. When I wake up in the morning the scent is gone. I can’t really tell if the effects linger for that 72 hr mark, but I have definitely noticed a difference in my skin & I get a lot of compliments now & that has never happened before. Maybe just try it on a certain part of your face & see how it works for you. Hope that helps!

  10. My opinion on the C firms serum is that it’s ok. Luckily, you don’t smell it once it’s on your face. I don’t like the smell either. I haven’t used it for very long, so don’t notice it doing anything special yet, but I will continue to use it.

  11. They don’t mention this on the packaging, but they said on their Instagram that C Firma can help with blackheads. I have had horrible blackheads on my nose for years and this is literally the only thing that has ever helped, and I noticed the change before knowing it could help with that. The ferulic is what you’re smelling and I will say it does linger but not at the intensity of when you first put it on. Lol. I love this mixed with B Hydra and also Protini is absolutely amazing. My skin sounds pretty similar to yours! Less sensitive though.

  12. Shoutout from Malaysia ??!!!
    I have Beste Jelly Cleanser, trial size Juju, Peekee bars, B-Hydra Gel, C-Firma Day Serum, Babysukari, Polypeptide cream, Lala Retro Cream and Virgin Marula Oil. Had to use a third party shipper to have them shipped to my doorsteps as DE isn't available in my country.

    As for the C-Firma, I like it, but I probably will not repurchase it, simply because of the price. $80 for a fluid oz., (30ml) is just too much, and I know Paula Choice's C15 Booster is an amazing serum as well. The consistency of C-Firma is somehow a slightly hydrating and greasy serum. I have normal skin, so my skin actually likes it. But if you have oilier skin, you might not be a fan of it.

  13. I have oily and sensitive skin- I was a little worried to try the c firma. It felt really nice and didn’t encourage oil production or irritate my skin at all. It smells like off bacon and smokey wood which isn’t great- but thankfully it is a natural scent and therefore isn’t a harsh chemical scent that irritates the skin. The smell is undetectable once you have finished your skin care routine. It’s super gentle and super effective. Love it!

  14. I have hyper pigmentation and texture issues with combination skin. I used the C-firma and really wasn't crazy about it. Scent wasn't awful, once it was on I didn't catch a whiff of anything. Still on the lookout for a good day serum! B- Hydra wasn't enough moisture for me as well but LOVED the glycolic night serum.

  15. I sadly did not have the best experience with the C-Firma Day Serum. My skin would burn and turn bright red in areas. After five minutes I would have to wash my face. I also found the consistency to be too oily.

  16. I switched all of my skincare to DE last year and there is no going back! The only product I don’t care for is the Lala retro. It is too emollient for my skin and caused reactions. But then Protini was released & came to the rescue! Yes, the products are pricey but totally worth it, if you have the $ to splurge. I am now able to wear less foundation & lighter coverage. ??

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