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Ngày Vệ sinh Kinh nguyệt đang đến! Hãy tham gia cùng tôi và khuyến khích mọi người xung quanh bạn trò chuyện về thời kỳ của bạn. Đây là chỉ…


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  1. This underwear is literally SUCH a game changer. I need to try this. I am someone who does not love using things like tampons and diva cups. I like external methods but I also want to try to be more environmentally friendly and use something reusable like the diva cup… I had no idea this underwear existed until now thank you for sharing this because I’ve gotta give it a try

  2. I really love that you make these videos! I've had my period for 11 years and I'm still learning new things about it! And also my poor 11 year old self would have loved to see these videos to understand better what was going on

  3. Hi Ingrid! I’d like to start off by saying thank you for being to so open and passionate about periods. I would also like to say that for my gold award for Girl Scouts I want to educate more people about periods and even donate products to the homeless. Once again thank you Ingrid I love you and your videos!!!

  4. So I was on my schools wrestling team and I was on my period during practice, I wasnt allowed to use tampons yet so I had to use a pad. I then started crying because it was so uncomfortable but I didnt tell my coach I was on my period I simply said that I couldn't breathe and he let me stop for 4 minutes.

  5. I'm glad more things about periods are out in the open now.

    Next is more awareness of how common endometriosis can be and whether or not someone may require options on removing the tissue. The knowledge can really help people with it.

  6. the use of the word pussy and vagina by males and females as a weak attribute really fucks with me, its very cringy that adults and young people use that word as a way to say oh you are a pussy. like wtf? love you and this video.

  7. usually im not into sponsored vids but ive been soooo interested in trying thinx out but deterred by the price so thaaaaaank you for letting us know about the sale and the additional coupon code!

  8. I'm lucky to not suffer from a terrible period. I usually get low back aches (which are tolerable) and my boobs get really sore right before my period. Then while I'm on my cycle I do get cramps for the first 2ish days but I just keep taking Advil to help with pain. But it's not as terrible as I know some womentl experience.

  9. Oh Ingrid I loved this video so much. Apart from learning new things I didn't know about periods you also transmit such an important message. That periods are another aspect of women's lifes and we should be able to live it with freedom, without embarassment and with naturality. In my country, Spain, it is widely normalized, and I'm grateful for that, although there is still some estigma and stereotypes around it (such as "are you on your period?", and the whole "women become crazy when they're on their period"). Thanks to the videos you've made about this topic I can see the state of the situation is not the same everywhere. Not in countries where women rights are nonexistent, but even in countries that we would consider "advanced" like the United States, or mine as well. It's sad but we can change this conception about periods daily with our words and actions, like yours 🙂 Thank you. Love from me to you <3

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