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Đệ nhất phu nhân đã không thể phủ nhận được chứng minh là 'tốt nhất' khi trốn. Đăng ký kênh "The Late Show" TẠI ĐÂY: http://bit.ly/ColbertYouTube Để biết thêm …


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  1. These people are so fucking dense and naive. Like it's clear she's "taking a break" besides the spelling name wrong, totally obviously him writing the tweet on her account and telling reporters in white house front lawn she's wtahcibg from that window, pointing to a window that was empty AND the blatant scheduling of a non existent event (keeping mind administration only even has a schedule And events half the time) but conviently an event closed to cameras. Hahah so fucking obvious. He may have bribed her to stay until impeachment haha.

  2. The guy in charge of setting up the room for the Gold Star event. "OK….people. Two hours to showtime. Remember what I said. Soft lighting. Dim…dim…dim…………………………oh, hell, just use candles."

  3. Where’s Melania? Yesterday I spotted a fake news story about her attending a WH function; but the pictures were old, the story was void of any real attended event. It was just fake news fabricated by someone who wanted the naysayers to have something to say look she’s around. Is Melania dead?

  4. I would like to feel bad for her, but I just don't. She is a goldigger who got in over her head. If she had the courage to make public appearances, she might garner some support. Instead she hides. You know what you married, "first lady". Now live with it, or leave.

  5. How many of you think:
    A. She really is sick
    B. She sided with Mueller
    C. She left with Trump Baldwin
    D. Fill in the Blank
    E. I'm a trumpster and global warming is not real
    F. I'm from Texas and it's hella hot
    G. I just came to read the comments

  6. It's like 'Wuthering Heights' in reverse ; " the ghostly Melania trying to leave through the window " . .

    – yes, I do have Kate Bush's song playing in my mind now, not in reverse though.

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