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  1. you upset about a gay wedding? GUARENTEED you are diddling someone in the closet, just like this dude who won his case, please neighbors, etc dig up what you can on this closeted case – nothing more disgusting than a cunt on the right

  2. A gay wedding cake… this baker is acting like he’s a jewish butcher and a customer is requesting a special order of pork chops.
    I wouldn’t have bothered to take the baker to court over a wedding cake.
    I’d rather make it sure that LGBTQ peoples are a protected class. Same that had to be done to non-white people. Making it so you can’t refuse service to a person due to sexual orientation. Same has been done for religious peoples and peoples races. You can’t be battling these business one by one. You gotta go to the law makers that can blanket it.

  3. I like the fact that people here are complaining about how unfair it is for a christian businessman to choose to not sell to a gay customers. But we've seen the roles being reversed, yet the left doesn't bat an eye if a trump supporter, a pro-life activist or a cop is kicked out of a store just for those reasons. If that applies to you, you're a fucking hypocrite.

  4. For the libertarian talking point of free market retaliation- that has never proven true. If you live in a neighborhood who coddles bigotry the business loses nothing. Expand that to a city or state we ultimately end up with a segregated country. SICK OF RELIGION INFRINGING ON SECULAR SOCIETY!

  5. While this is just asshatacular and in the grand scheme a very unfortunate ruling on a valuable case for setting a prohibitive precedent for bigot business owners, I also would never want to give this shithead my money and neither should anyone else but especially not same gender couples.

  6. the concept of a businessman refusing to sell his products is fucking ridiculous, is he that successful that he can turn away customers or risk bad publicity. does he ask every customer if they are gay or straight before selling to them? of course not.
    The baker is an ASSHOLE justifying his bigotry and using religion to do so, Jesus would be disgusted with him.

  7. Fucking moronic christians. Most of whom can’t even stomach reading their barbaric middle eastern horror story they call “holy”. Fucking disgusting people to no end.

  8. I think the show didn't explain why the court ruled in the baker's favour. He was approached by the gay couple to decorate their cake, not to just buy one but decorate.
    If a painter who is a Jew is selling his artwork, he can't discriminate a neo-nazi from buying the painting.

    But imagine if the painter was approached by a neo nazi and was told "Can you paint a picture with Hilter overlooking burning Jews in hot lava?" or what ever they support, I believe the painter has the right to say no. He can't paint something that shows the demise of his race, just as this baker can't decorate something that would go against his beliefs.

  9. Similar thing happened here and became big news. A baker refused to make order and a wedding photographer cancelled at the last minute for a wedding when they found out that the clients have different religion.

  10. There is a lot of misunderstanding of what Christians believe. If it was for a graduation, a birthday, a retirement, there would be no problem at all with baking the cake. People think I secretly hate or want to upset gay people. For some reason it seems no matter how respectful or reasonable we are, were seen as bigots trying to justify our hate. No one really cares about respecting others beliefs or even try to understand them. And this video actually shows it.

  11. Gays have rights..Christians have rights..Muslims have rights…what is the problem?..gays need to find businesses that will cater to them…just like everybody else…he refused to bake you a cake based on his right to religious belief…why try to destroy his business?….you also has the right to choose who you do business with….America…yeesshh….

  12. There was a similar case in Ireland in the last few years that had the exact opposite outcome to this one. The Supreme Court ruled that by refusing to make a cake for a gay couple the bakery had discriminated against that couple.

  13. Growing up, we would always joke with our parents, when they asked us to do chores: "It's against my religion." Little did I know, that would actually be a thing. What a crazy messed up world.

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