Jeff Arcuri thực hiện Standup


Diễn viên hài đứng đầu Jeff Arcuri xuất hiện trong chương trình Late Show. Đăng ký kênh "The Late Show" TẠI ĐÂY: Để biết thêm nội dung …


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  1. Set was nice, last joke was really clever! Really liked it apart from a couple awkward pauses before continuing the joke. Idk what that was. But grea job anyway, keep going!

  2. Problem today is everyone thinks they're a stand up comic. How did we end up with an entire generation of comics that are unbelievably dull? Just because you're socially awkward and have embarrassing stories. Doesn't automatically make you funny.

  3. You kids know nothing bout stand up. Doing a tight 5 minutes on a dry crowd who didn't come to see stand up comedy to begin with is alot harder than you think. Confidence joke was well crafted. Overall pretty solid.

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